Thoughts on Thursday’s Readings

I found the first article that we were supposed to read by Linda Gordon entitled “Black and White Visions of Welfare” extremely interesting. With the discussions in the class, I have been really interested in the roles that black women were playing in terms of political and social change. Gordon speaks about the fact that black women did not only have to fight for equality in gender but also in race. Even in the idea welfare, they were excluded by white women’s organizations. The most interesting point in this article for me was on pages 231-232: who were these women believing they were helping? In the case of white women, they “saw themselves as helping others” so there was a sense of separation between the women and those needing help. Even though they were helping the system and creating advancements for these people, there was still a separation through class and perhaps these white women felt elite even if they were from the middle class. Black women, however, “were more focused on their own kind.” Their own people needed help through welfare, so these organizations were hitting much closer to home. To conclude my thoughts about this article, I thought Gordon did a great job of separating the two groups and showing the problems with studying the history of welfare and women’s role in it. It is unfortunate that there was so much racial tension at this time because I believe amazing things could have been achieved if white and black women would have worked better together.

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