Group Meeting

Our group meeting on Thursday was very successful in determining what we would like our blog to look like and contain. We also discussed how our research was going so far which we learned from each other that it is hard to find the material because the information is so old. However, we did set up our blog and prepared an outline for what will ultimately end up on the site. Here is the link to the working site:

We will have four main pages that contain the information that we are gathering. There will be a section on the name change from State Teacher’s College to Mary Washington College which occurred in 1938. This is very important to the history of the school and shows the changing times that these girls were part. Another section will be an academic section which will contain information on departments, professors, alumni, and curriculum. Following that, there will be a social page because this part was so important for the girls and the school was very influential in their social life. This will have sections concerning the Bullet, Student Handbooks, Clubs, events (such as Devil Goat Day and May Day), as well as the topic of gossip. We will also include a sources page with brief explanations of the sources that we used from Special Collections. We are also planning on attaching the links to each of our own pages so that more information can be seen.

I think we have a great grasp on what we want to accomplish in the coming weeks and I am very excited to see the finished product!

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