Thoughts on the Classroom Recreation

I think it would be interesting to recreate a class that we no longer have here at Mary Washington and was popular during that decade, such as home economics. This would be hard to do because it is not something that we have any context for but it would be really interesting. People should have roles as students because it is the closest thing that we can relate too, obviously. We should focus on the interviews by alums from the 1950s as the best source for our classroom recreation. The department files will also be important for this as well. I think we will have to work in non-academic material because there is so much saved in Special Collection. There can be discussions in class about things that are happening and perhaps announcements made at the beginning of class of things that are happening socially around campus. I think we should try to dress to the best we can to fit in the decade. I also believe that there are textbooks from this decade in the classroom that we can use.

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